Blockchain: The Protector of Gamers’ Digital Property Rights

So you’re a gamer, right? Video gamers’ digital assets are essential components in the gaming experience. You’ve created your avatar, loaded your arsenal, and chosen allies. As you are playing you acquire in-game assets, based on the exchange of real-world money. Or, you’ve earned these digital assets during hours of play with each mission, or level completed. But what happens the next time you sign onto the game, ready to join your team, and your avatar is gone? What do you do if another player

Report claims 700 startup exits by 2025 in Southeast Asia

The upward trend of startup exits in Southeast Asia has been encouraged by the continuing growth of financial and business support offered by influential industry leaders. The region’s startup tech industry has been exploding, giving rise to foreign corporate venture capital investments and unicorn startups. INSEAD, in partnership with Golden Gate Ventures, surveyed over ten Global Pacific startups (GPs) about the startup trends in Southeast Asia. They analyzed the past fifteen years of data on

How eSports startups are leveraging AI in Southeast Asia

eSports is competitive video gaming at a professional level, and the industry is booming with professional teams, players, and fans winning championship titles and prize money. Viewership for eSports grew by almost 20%from 2016 to 2017. By 2021, research by Newzoo predicts the industry will boast an audience of over 306 million people. Fans buy tickets to eSports tournaments, watch players online, and tune into viewing platforms like YouTube and Twitch to watch live coverage of their favourite

Exploring Singapore’s burgeoning health tech scene

Across APAC (Asia-Pacific), healthcare startups attracted billions of US dollars in investments, $6.3 billion USD across 294 deals in 2018. The most significant investment was in health tech Singapore, attracting over $105 million USD, accounting for 24% of the APAC total deals last year. Singapore has a growing market for health tech startups in APAC with obtaining investors a priority for healthcare technology development. Singapore’s raised the most substantial investment in a heal

Developing High Quality API's a Beginners Guide

APIs are essential to developers for succeeding in this high-demand consumer services world. New tools to enhance a developer’s experience and aid them in developing an interface with websites are released daily. As a developer, you need to figure out which tools to use that will help you create high-quality APIs. In this beginner’s guide, CrescoData’s CTO Florian Rueckert is able to share insights about API, its important elements and its benefits to eCommerce businesses and startups. Why sta

Emerging deep tech trends in Southeast Asia

Venture capitalists are looking to inject more funding into Southeast Asian startups with deep tech dominating the list. The deep tech industry was significantly under-invested in but is seeing a tremendous surge in support from both investors, looking for fresh opportunities, and governments wanting to support emerging deep tech trends in Southeast Asia. Deep tech is using substantial scientific discoveries for real-world applications that will impact real-world problems and make advancements i

Vietnam’s eCommerce market to become one of Southeast Asia’s biggest?

Vietnam is becoming the best frontier market for startups and could be Southeast Asia’s third-largest eCommerce market by 2025. Vietnam’s online markets in media, travel, ride-hailing, and eCommerce are growing at a rapid rate. Other countries have taken notice, and foreign investments have increased, it’s time to look at their impressive results. We explore the top eCommerce startups in Vietnam Vietnam has had a long-standing history with the world’s top manufacturers and is home to the manuf

What iOS 13 & The New iPadOS Means For Business | API

What iOS 13 and the New iPadOS Means for Business? Apple is one of the largest tech companies in the world. When they announce new products, it is a two-hour production and the world takes notice, because everything you know about Apple can change in those two hours. Apple unveiled a new version of its iOS operating system in June, and the future of iOS just got better. Alongside the update to iOS 13, they are also giving iPad its own operating system, iPadOS. That’s right; the future iPad